Project Explorer

Project Explorer

At the heart of Salesforce development is the Salesforce DX project. The project structure contains a default package directory, force-app:

├── sfdx-project.json
├── .sfdx
├── .vscode
│   ├── extensions.json
│   └── settings.json
├── force-app
|   └── main
|       └── default
|           ├── aura
|           ├── classes
|           └── objects
└── manifest
    └── package.xml

See Salesforce DX Project Structure and Source Format to learn about folders in the project.

Some standard files you’ll see in your project that are prepopulated for you are:

  • .gitignore: Makes it easier to start using Git for version control.
  • .prettierrc and .prettierignore: Make it easier to start using Prettier to format your Aura components.
  • .vscode/extensions.json and .vscode/launch.json: Configure Replay Debugger, making it more discoverable and easier to use.
  • .vscode/settings.json: By default, this file has one setting, for push or deploy on save, which is set to false. You can change this value or add other settings.

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