Other Recommended Extensions

Other Recommended Extensions

Extensions We Recommend

In addition to the extension pack shipped by Salesforce, the following extensions are useful for Salesforce developers. We also package the Extension pack with some of the most-used community extensions in the expanded extension pack.

Salesforce Code Analyzer(Beta)

Use Salesforce Code Analyzer extension to identify and fix issues in your code. See the Salesforce Code Analyzer documentation.

Install Code Analyzer

Apex PMD

Allows you to run Apex static analysis directly in VS Code on Apex and Visualforce files.

Install Apex PMD

Apex Log Analyzer

An analyzer for Salesforce debug logs aimed at making performance analysis much easier and quicker. It’s also useful for quickly understanding how your code is executing.

Install Apex Log Analyzer


Keeping your code consistent and nicely formatted is important in any programming language. Prettier supports formatting for many files used by Salesforce developers, such as JavaScript and CSS files.

Install Prettier

Prettier also supports Apex formatting through the Apex Prettier Plugin.


Analyzes your JavaScript code to find issues and to help you fix them. As a part of the LWC extension, Salesforce provides specific ESLint rules and you can also add your own. These preconfigured rules help you to write high quality code.

Install ESLint


VS Code doesn’t ship with rich XML tools by default. This extension, built by Red Hat, provides language support for XML documents such as the -meta.xml or package.xml files in your VS Code project.

Install XML Tools

Community Extensions

The community has developed several extensions to help make Salesforce development more productive. To find these, search the Visual Studio Code Marketplace or browse all extensions tagged Salesforce.

Debugger for Java

Java Debugger based on Java Debug Server that extends the Language Support for Java by Red Hat. It allows you to debug Java code in VSCode. Install this extension to invoke and debug Java functions.

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