What's Different

What's Different

What’s Different in Code Builder

Code Builder unleashes the power of Salesforce Extensions for VS Code and offers the same rich features as the desktop version. No matter whether you’re using VS Code on your desktop or Code Builder from a browser, the Salesforce extensions you access are the same. While the extensions generally function the same way regardless of how they’re accessed, there are some nuances to be aware of:

  • Because your Code Builder instance runs in the cloud, authorizing an org from it follows a different (device) flow than the desktop version. See Connect to Different Org for steps.
  • Code Builder is installed as a managed package, and it comes with everything you need: VS Code, Salesforce extensions, and Salesforce CLI. No installation required on your local machine.
  • Unlike VS Code for desktop, you cannot access the Microsoft Marketplace from Code Builder. Instead, you can add extensions available in Open VSX marketplace to your Code Builder environment. This means that you might see differences in the extensions that are available.
  • The third-party authorization sequence is different in Code Builder.
  • We keep the Salesforce extensions up to date for you in Code Builder. You don’t need to take any action.

Known Gaps and Issues

See Known Gaps and Issues for a list of issues we’re aware of.

If you notice any issues that haven’t made our list, or want to provide other types of feedback, such as initial impressions or feature requests, file an issue in the GitHub repo. We want to understand what features and enhancements are important to you.

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